Praise for Xstitch

Written by Rhoda Malgas, University of Stellenbosch Lecturer

X-stitch is a registered NPO that does crocheting and knitting to create blankets, caps and other products for materially resource-poor communities. They also offer a “starter pack” valued at R95 to every person they train up… for free.

The initiative was started on 9 August 2016, and has trained more than 8000 people. Volunteers have provided more than 12 000 people on the Cape Flats with warm winter goodies and other products.

These are some of the 21 volunteers who do this work, free of charge, and for the love if Christ. They share the gospel and their goods wherever they go, however they are called with whoever approaches them.

This is what I remember about community on the Cape Flats, people getting together to rally for something good, choirs, bands, sewing clubs and sports clubs. When people get together with goodwill, something happens.

Thank you to these remarkable women and their men who quietly go about doing their thing…. with no support other than what they garner. Just crossing paths with fellow-citizens, one cross-stitch at a time.

Makes me feel like getting my aunt’s crocheting things and getting her to teach me!